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H4C’s adventure begins with an idea… combining responsible and sustainable architecture to gastronomy. A desire to offer an incomparable culinary experience in unique historical surroundings. In 2012, Chantal Paradis and Marc-André Vallée, founders of the architectural firm Dimension 3 Architecture + Design meet the talented chef Dany Bolduc and decide to combine their respective talents in the development of a culinary world. H4C was born…

The associates thus embark in the restauration of an old post office in the heart of the newly vibrant Saint-Henri neighbourhood. While maintaining the warmth and elegance of this vintage grey stone building, a new dimension is skillfully infused. They made a point of preserving and enhancing the original stately character of the building’s structural elements coupled with respect to the restaurations’ environmental impact. The owners utilization of the first three digits of the area’s postal code formed a unique tribute to Place Saint-Henri’s history.

On August 21, 2013, le H4C Place St-Henri opened its doors. Ever since, the chef and his culinary team have offered a different menu varying with the passing seasons which flows far beyond simple food processing.




Le H4C ‘s team offers highly creative gourmet dishes inspired by it’s Master Chef, Dany Bolduc’s numerous culinary experiences around the world.

Refined and bold, our dishes skilfully reflect these flavours and cooking techniques.

One of our highest priorities, the presentation of our meals is reflected by the use of fresh local products carefully selected for you. Our seasonal menu offerings focus on local market products availability.

We value community spirit, sharing and collaboration. This collaboration demonstrates our dedication both outside and within our walls with a special emphasis and constant raise the bar attitude shared by our chef and his team as well as our dedication in showcasing local producers and suppliers.

Our goal is to offer you a memorable and different culinary experience by integrating vegetarian, vegan and gluten free cuisine in some of our daily meals. Special orders are available on request!

With a strong belief in social involvement and the dynamic impact a restaurant can have in an urban revitalization context, Le H4C is established at the heart of a vibrant area undergoing profound transformation.

We also firmly believe that the fulfillment of your total dining experience is directly tied to human contact. We are committed to a quality service, meant to be relaxed and friendly and are dedicated to make your visit among us as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.



The restaurant is housed in an 1893 vintage building situated directly on Place Saint-Henri. Originally know as the heart of Saint-Henri neighborhood, this is where the public buildings were located thus forming one of the major gathering points. The area is progressively recovering its dynamic reputation and we strongly believe that the arrival of the restaurant in this spirit and urban context actively contributes to this ongoing metamorphosis.

The renovation and buIlding improvements conducted under the watchful eye of Dimension 3 Architecture, are unpretentious and elegant. The basic intervention with regards to the conceptual level was intended to strip the building to its maximum in order to restore all of its character. The indoor areas are interconnected and reflect the conceptual design layout shown with the opening of the main kitchen directly to the main dining area.

Craftsmanship of the past and the enhancement of the original raw materials, stone, wood and concrete, combined with today’s technologies have also guided the different design and construction approaches.

With attention to sustainable development and to ensure environmental compliance, all efforts have been deployed with respect to recycling and material recovery / reuse of materials. Outsourcing local suppliers and the use of local materials (Québec-based wood producers, furniture manufactured locally) as well as the implementation of equipment that reduces energy consumption (LED lighting, water-efficient plumbing equipment, high efficency ventilation systems) were also put in place.


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Daily Suppliers

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Ferme Gaspor | www.gaspor.com

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Ferme la Canardière | La Canardière – Facebook

Poissonnerie La Mer | www.lamer.ca

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Les noix du marché | www.lesnoixdumarche.com

Les Jardiniers Du Chef | www.jardiniersduchef.com

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