Les Mardis Gens d’Affaires, Gens de Coeur




Gens d'affaires, Gens de coeur

The project of “Les Mardis Gens d’Affaires, Gens de Coeur” was born from a desire to take advantage of the H4C restaurant in order to create an event with philanthropic character. Evenings are presented in collaboration with Le Fonds Richard Béliveau for the Chair of cancer prevention and treatment at Université du Québec à Montréal. A series of special evenings featuring local business personalities will be held at H4C. During these evenings, our goal is to raise awareness about the positive impacts of a healthy diet in the prevention of cancer. The ticket price includes a gourmet meal, the wine pairings and a substantial donation to the Foundation.


To join this great cause or to organise your own event, contact Andrée-Anne Nolin, our Restaurant Manager, at 514-316-7234.

Our past events

Deloitte | November 28th, 2017

Ali Excavation | October 03rd, 2017

SPB Solutions | Mai 09th, 2017

Ekitas | March 28th, 2017

H4C and Dimension 3 Architecture | November 29th, 2016

Technorm | November 11th, 2016

M2 Assurances | September 20th, 2016

Boulangeries Première Moisson | June 28th, 2016

H4C and Dimension 3 Architecture | June 09th, 2015

The partners of the event

Fond Richard Béliveau | www.richardbeliveau.org

Chaire en prévention et traitement du cancer de l’UQAM | recherche.uqam.ca

Dimension 3 – Architecture |www.d3architecture.ca

Boulangeries Premiere Moisson | www.premieremoisson.com

Fabrice Gaetan – Photograph | www.fabricegaetan.com

Clash Media – Production Video | www.clash-films.com