DinR – « My last dinner at H4C Place St-Henri was incredible from start to finish »

DinR – « My last dinner at H4C Place St-Henri was incredible from start to finish »

Nouvelle application en pleine expansion, DinR fait rapidement sa place au Canada comme la meilleure façon de réserver une table de dernière minute dans votre restaurant préféré. Initiative Montréalaise, l’application est maintenant également disponible à Toronto et Ottawa.

Nous avons eu la chance de recevoir une des fondatrices, Christine, et voici ce qu’elle avait à dire de son expérience!


« My last dinner at H4C Place St-Louis was incredible from start to finish. Service, food, wine and company […] all meshed together seamlessly and before I knew it, three hours of feasting, drinking and gabbing had gone by. Chef Dany Bolduc prepared us an incredible 7-couse tasting menu, which sommelier Pascal Gerrits accompanied with an equally gratifying wine pairing. Although I could embarrass myself trying to pick out notes and nuances about each wine (I’m a novice), I’ll keep it brief and talk about my two personal highlights. […] » Lire la suite

My Last Meal | H4C Place St-Henri, June 27th 2016 by Christine Connolly



« In the last 6 years, St-Henri has become rich with dining options; from a flurry of casual taco joints to a handful of fine dining restaurants – the southwest has something for everybody! And in this vast spectrum of choice, leading the pack of modern French fine dining is none other than H4C Place St-Henri […] » Lire la suite

Best Restaurant in montreal | H4C Place St-Henri, June 16th 2016 by Christine Connolly